Snow Tantrum

I was so excited to take Max to play in the snow today for the first time! I waited in my long underwear, pants, wool socks, sweater, hat on, everything, all bundled up all morning for him to wake up so we could go! I was so sweaty, it was disgusting. Anyway, he finally gets up at 9am. I planned to eat breakfast and get going around 10, come back for hot chocolate, a warm bath and then nap. So obviously once again, the opposite happened.

After the breakfast that he didn’t eat was finished (see: thrown in the garbage), I got him dressed. This took half an hour at least. We walk down stairs, I go to get his boots and all his winter stuff, I put his snow pants on, he’s crying “no snow pants!”, I kind of don’t care. I go find his boots, he’s crying “No boots!”, I also don’t care. I go to find his jacket, I look behind me and he falls DOWN THE STAIRS. He was trying to reach something. He legit flipped over, fell down 3 stairs right onto his head. We ran upstairs, iced his head, kisses kisses kisses, and we’re all better to try again. I’m so so sweaty. Back downstairs, then the boot fiasco. He doesn’t like boots. Guess what? I don’t care. I put them on, he takes them off, I put them on he takes them off, I get angry at him, he cries and takes them off again. Finally they’re on, he’s crying at the door. Who am I doing this for?!? I’m doing it because winter is here and what the hell are we gonna do cooped up in my tiny tiny apartment all winter?? HE NEEDS TO PLAY OUTSIDE, I will lose my mind. I will lose it so bad, I might just go back to work. I’m also really doing it for him, because it’s snow and it’s so much fun for him!!! I’m so sweaty.

We go outside, he’s SCREAMING “NO SNOW”, like people are staring at me, it’s the worst. No word of a lie, 10 minutes of straight crying until he almost threw up. So we came inside. By the way, I’m so so sweaty. We took everything off again, he cried the whole time. I believe I was more angry at him during this time than I have ever been in his entire life. I feel like an asshole, I was a total dick to him when he came back in. I feel so bad! When he wakes up from his nap I’m going to give him the iPad and cookies and let him do whatever the wants all afternoon. I’ve never been mad at him before! It’s the worst! But really, I need him to like the snow, it’s so much fun! He’s just so stubborn, this is why he didn’t walk until he was like 18 months – just because he didn’t like it. What a dork. Plus I have serious plans to take him skiing in two months, so he kind of really needs to start liking this snow. And most importantly, I don’t wanna go back to work… and if he hates the snow, I’m going back to work for the winter.