My Friends Are Stupid, But I Love Them Anyway

You know what I’m tired of hearing? “It’s so weird that you had a baby”. Like, just drop it. We didn’t tell anyone we were trying, except for a couple select people (now don’t you feel special), so then we got pregnant and everyone was like “OMG OMG OMG” (which was also my reaction cuz literally I was like “wait, that actually works?!?”). I remember walking down the hall in my office when I used to have a job and make money and manage fancy expensive projects that allowed me to talk to adults and not sing all day while I chased poop down the hallway, and this one chick was like “hey I just heard! Congrats!” and I”m like “Thanks! We’re so excited” and her response was “That’s great! It’s cool that you can still be excited about an accident! Because if it were me in your shoes, I’d be really freaked out.”

So then I realized that I think everyone thinks this is an accident, because that wasn’t the first time I heard that that week. Unless there was some weird rumour going around, which I wouldn’t put passed any one of my crazy friends.

I feel like you either tell people you’re trying, then everyone looks at your stomach constantly and asks “So???” then you get really annoyed, really quickly and want to punch them and cry, because you aren’t pregnant, and why aren’t you pregnant?!!?! #stressful and on top of it you think people think you’re fat. Or you don’t tell anyone anything because, guess what… not really your business, but then everyone thinks your awesome baby is an accident.

I remember saying to someone else (another friend on the accident side) I can totally prove he’s not an accident!! And then proceeding to show them a MSN Messenger conversation that I had with Brian, where we were like “ok I think if we try today it’ll work”. HAHAH I’m an idiot. Yes, we decided it on MSN. Yes, I was googling “how to get pregnant” CONSTANTLY, because I’m organized and like to research things, and I had boat loads of time on my hands, which I’ll never have again, but I’m okay with that. And I was obviously obsessed with having a baby because I was 30 and that’s what happens, and I hate that it happens, but hormones aren’t my fault.

Long story short, he isn’t an accident. And, people… don’t stare at someone’s stomach if you think they are trying, it makes them self conscious, unless they’re skinny, do whatever you want to them.

I realize this isn’t a mommy blog so much as a stupid things Melissa does blog, and it’s getting more and more embarrassing by the post.

You know, re-reading this, I think maybe this isn’t correct, maybe people don’t just think two things… maybe I just have a bunch of idiot friends!?! Did this happen to anyone else?? Are my friends just stupid?? ughhh.

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