Big Boy Bed


So we put him in a big boy bed last night.  I don’t know if that’s what it’s really called, I guess it’s just called a bed. But I talk to a 22 month old all day, so my adult vocabulary is non existent. I’m afraid when I go back to work and have to ask an art director to save out some PSDs I’m going to talk to them like they’re 2; “hey little guy!! Wanna come help me with a special special little project?!? I’ll give you a cookie if you do a good job!!”. Which actually might be a good thing now that i think about it.

So it’s 9am and he’s still asleep. I want to attribute this to his comfiness in his bed, but I won’t. Because I just jinxed the shit out of it, and i know tomorrow he’s not even going to sleep in it.  I remember when he was 5 months old and we put him in a crib for the first time, I slept in a chair in his room the whole night, just in case. In case of what? No idea. And by “slept in a chair” I mean sat in a chair for 8 hours awake panicking.  I’m pleased with myself for not going in his room last night, although even though he’s almost 2 I still have mom panic in “why is he still sleeping? Is he breathing??” it’s been 13 hours of sleep now. SIDS isn’t possible anymore, I think?  Ok, just turned up the monitor to hear him breathing.  And this paragraph right here fully explains what it’s like to be in the brain of a SAHM who has nothing else to think about all day.   I have no doubt when he’s 8 years old, I will still be wanting to go in his room and make sure he’s ok in his real bed.  AND even more so when he’s 20 and has a girl over who I’m about to go kick out of the house. In fact, I’m going to keep that baby monitor in his room forever. Just in case.

I Got My Mind On My Money, Money On My Mind

As of next week, I will have been officially off of work for 2 years. That went by so fast, it’s insane. My whole long term plan was to use all my savings (which I budgeted would last me 2 years) then go back to work, since it would be easier to find Max daycare now that he’s older.  BUT NOW, now I can’t put him in daycare, so I can’t go back to work, and now I’m fucked.

It would have been so much easier to put him in daycare when my mat leave ended when he was 12 months, but now we have a thing together and there’s no possible way I couldn’t be with him all day, I love him way too much now. I love every single minute of every single day we have together, more than anything.  That makes me sound like I really didn’t give a shit about him at 12 months, which isn’t true. I just maybe gave less of a shit than I do now. Wait, that’s also not true. It’s just that at 12 months babies are A LOT of work and no reward. Barf cleaning, poop cleaning, crying for no reason, and they don’t do anything, it’s really really boring. But now he does cool stuff, and we talk to each other all day, and we have so much fun. And if he barfs or poops (and he does all the time, so it’s great), he tells me to clean it because he’s demanding, but then we do laundry together, and take long fun baths, and it’s not so bad. He also tells me what he wants to do all day, so we do it, and then he spends the rest of his day recounting what we did and laughing. HOW CAN I PUT THAT IN DAYCARE???   I can’t, and so I’m broke for the foreseeable future. Although I can’t even pay rent now, so I’m beyond broke and moderately scared, I have no clue what I just got myself into. Massive fail.

I really thought by now it’d be easier to put him in daycare because I thought I could just tell him he was going to daycare and he’d understand, so it wouldn’t be like I was randomly dropping him off somewhere he didn’t know. But that’s the problem, that now he does understand, and he isn’t going to have any of it. He has a serious complainey attitude problem, which I have no idea where he gets it from at all, in the least. At. All. So he’s not going to even go to daycare if I wanted him to. He would leave and come home himself, I know it. Either that or he gets kicked out of daycare for swearing, which is a very very strong possibility. And it should be noted that I wasn’t the one to teach him to swear. Brian said “holy shit” by accident one time, and Max just repeated it. Also, he heard the F word when we were watching Wolf of Wall Street, before I knew he could even acknowledge  things he heard on TV. And in all fairness I didn’t know Max was in the room when I was watching it.  And that means now I just watch Food Network all day, because I can’t deal with what he’s picking up wherever, and because I watch Food Network all day, I’m hungry all day, and because I’m hungry all day, I eat all day, and because I eat all day, I get really fat all day, and because I get fat all day, we run out of food quicker, and because of that I need to buy more groceries, and because of that I run out of money sooner. And this is the circle of life in my house.


Send money

Fancy Poop

God, this year is literally the worst year ever. So much crap has happened, I can’t even keep track of it. Broken ankle, sick from Jan – March, a bunch of other horrible stuff, my car getting totalled, just the worst. THEN yesterday morning I see this huge lump on Max’s neck. Like huge though, the size of a quarter sticking out of his neck. KILL ME. I can’t even describe to you the feeling you get, I can’t. And with the way this year was going, my first thought was “of course”.

I anxiously called the doctor, he’s amazing and saw us same day, but I had to wait 7 hours for the appointment (from the time I saw the lump). Can I even describe how it was the longest 7 hours of my life?!?! Max legit played on the iPad for 7 straight hours, I couldn’t play with him, I barely fed him lunch, I just couldn’t think or do anything. I sat on my couch staring out the window for 7 hours. I tried not to get ahead of myself obviously, I’m not that panicky mom, at least not since I stopped Googling medical things when he was 4 weeks old and I diagnosed him with like 20 things he didn’t have. So I wasn’t blowing it out of proportion in my mind, but just having to wait 7 hours to hear what it could be, what tests we’d have to do, etc… just the worst. I can’t even say it was scary because it was beyond scary, it was a word I don’t even think exists.

The doctor checked it out and said everything is fine, it’s normal thankfully. Relief doesn’t even describe how I felt when I heard that. Today, I feel so lucky to have him here and healthy, and I’m so sad for anyone who’s ever had to go through anything horrible. I can’t stop looking at him and realizing how lucky I am right now.

Ok cheesy horrible post over… now for the good stuff…

Today we went to an indoor kids playground for yuppies. No seriously, you can’t get in unless your kids name is Max, Logan, Isla, or Atticus, and instead of Goldfish or Yogurt for snacks, you have to bring quinoa and kale. Everyone in there was so fancy today. No exaggeration, 5 different moms wearing blazers and fancy expensive scarves. They had their hair all done up and everything, like super fancy. Please note that I’m wearing leggings, a wrinkly sweatshirt that I yanked out of the dryer half wet, no bra, possibly no underwear, I don’t even know… and I haven’t showered yet. But good for them. Really good for them.

All the kids are playing on the slides and at the exact same time, we all smell it… it’s disgusting. Who’s child is it from? And just like dominoes, you see each mom go and smell their kids bum. It’s fucking disgusting. But they do it, and I do it, and we all do it, and shut up if you say you haven’t done it, and if you have no kids then I understand how gross this is, but you WILL do it one day, and you will enjoy it. The look of a room full of very fancy dressed business women smelling bums for poop, knowing that later this afternoon they’re probably going to pitch some fancy marketing strategy they worked all night on to an exec at a major company and have to be super professional about it, KNOWING that 2 hours prior they smelled someones bum for poo, it makes my day just that much brighter.

Stay At Home Moms

Stay at home moms are a bunch of crazy bitches. I’m thankful every single day that the mom friends I have are normal and awesome, and their crazy matches my crazy, so it’s a win win.  Because honestly, I just can’t. The following two things just happened, no exaggeration…

I unfortunately Googled “birthday party for 2 year old” to get some ideas for Max’s party. And I literally got judged the fuck off the internet for it.  Reading mommy blogs/comments (my first mistake) saying “Why are you throwing a 2 year old a party?? They don’t even know what’s happening!!” “What a waste of money! 2 year olds don’t like parties” “you’re selfish, you’re throwing it for yourself to show off! (true)”. Honestly, moms need to chill out, like really really really calm down. I know lots of people who aren’t throwing/haven’t thrown parties for their kids, and guess what?? Guess!?!? I don’t even care, because IT DOESN’T AFFECT ME IN THE LEAST. And guess what else?!  There is no right or wrong! Throw a party, don’t throw a party, what does it matter?! All I’m trying to find out is, is Thomas the Tank Engine a better theme for a 2 year old, or Sesame Street? And instead I found out that I’m an asshole showing off all the money I don’t make and friends I don’t have by being a stay at home mom, and CPS is probably coming to my door.

Secondly, I’m part of some mom Facebook groups, 99%* only for the entertainment when they start fighting with each other, it’s hilarious.  So this mom posts something about how she has some leftover prenatal vitamins, if anyone wants them she’ll sell them for $5.00 or just give them away. I’m actually laughing out loud right now.  The Group admin (who loves her fake job) had to come on the page and post “Uh, don’t post prescriptions or pills or vitamins on here.” OBVIOUSLY. THEN a bunch of other moms are like “Why not?!?!”. WHY. NOT. These are the people raising our future. This is what we have to look forward to. THIS!

Max has to go to school with these people’s children, and I’m going to have to explain to him about how the world is a shit show and most people are idiots, so good luck and laugh your way through it. And don’t take free pills from strangers on Facebook.

*1% so I can buy used clothes/toys

Snow Day Fail

What’s life like with a toddler?  Well if you read my post yesterday, you’d see all the big things I had planned!! So exciting!

Here’s what really happened:

He slept in till 9:30, which you would assume would be amazing, but it’s not, because then everything else happens 2 hours later than it should, and he ends up going to bed at 10pm instead of 8pm, but what the hell, it’s not like I have to be at work tomorrow, plus he’s fun at night.  So, at 9:30 I went to get him and saw that he pee’d himself, and his crib, then didn’t want a bath. After 20 minutes of laughing and chasing, I finally got him in the water, then he wouldn’t come out. After another 30 minutes of slippery giggly convincing to get him out, I went upstairs and cleaned the pee out of his crib, did the laundry, etc…  then I made breakfast that he didn’t want to eat. Then he started eating it. Then he stopped. An hour later I gave up and ended breakfast.  It’s now 11am.

Finally time for our walk! Except now the snow was melting. I got all his gear on, and by the time we got outside (12pm!) it was gross raining and the snow was gone. We walked for a bit, but he wouldn’t keep his hands covered, and they were freezing, and he didn’t want to wear his hat or his boots, I’m not letting him win/get frost bite. We turned around and came back in. I went to make his bed while he was quiet downstairs, which you would assume is a good thing, but it isn’t. Quiet means “up to something”. Always. No matter what.

I’ve yet to sit down today, I figure we can at least watch some cozy christmas TV for a bit. And we did, but we did for a “toddler bit” and a “toddler bit” is equal to 14 seconds, unless it’s Sesame Street in which it’s 32 seconds. He wants me to play a bunch of other very active games with him, and not that I’m lazy (I am lazy), but I’m fairly tired already. I try to play with his trains, his blocks, his books, his castle, his cars, I taught him this fun puzzle thing, so that was awesome. Then I introduced him to markers, which he uses on the hardwood floor because he’s into modern art and he’s expressing himself and his life struggles, thank you very much.

Then I make lunch, which he’s decided he’d like to eat very slowly until he gets bored and says he’s done, which is fine because I’m also bored of watching him eat peas one at a time. I try to put him down for his nap, where he’s like “fuck off no” basically. I have to pretend I’m sleeping on his crib for 20 minutes in order for him to go to sleep, which i’m not going to lie, I love… because I get to watch him be all cozy sleepy peaceful, it’s the cutest thing ever, and kills me every single time. Then I sneak out of his room while he’s sleeping, but my belt gets stuck on the fan and makes a huge noise and I almost cry. I come back downstairs to do dishes, and clean the living room. Aaaaand that’s my snow day.

Side note: I didn’t mention any of the poop that went on, because I don’t talk about poop. but there was poop. Lots of poop. Oh, I also didn’t mention that I tried to make muffins with him and he decided to eat a handful of raw egg.

Lesson learned: Don’t. Plan. Anything. Especially if the snow isn’t going to stick around! Fail.  Also, raw egg doesn’t always make kids sick… so far. I wonder how long that takes until I know he won’t get sick. I can’t google it because I don’t google medical things. They were organic eggs, if that makes it any better?


yellow snow

Woah woah woah, what’s this? A blog?? What the?!  Yeah I totally abandoned this blog, for various reasons that I don’t even have time or motivation to write about. But let’s put that behind us… because this post is important…

Max doesn’t even know it yet, but he’s going to play in the snow today for the first time!!!!! I can’t even wait for him to wake up! Like, I might go wake him, which is stupid, because I’ll spend the rest of the day regretting waking him.  BUT LOOK OUTSIDE, I’M SO EXCITED, I CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF!! He has NO IDEA that snow lands, and that you can play in it, and make snowmen, and angels,  and snowballs, and whatever the hell else you do in snow. Maybe I’ll let him pee in it, who knows. It’s a free for all today. I always wished I was a boy so I could pee in the snow.  I mean, I guess I can still pee in the snow as a girl, but it’s not the same, obviously. Why am I writing that?! You KNOW it’s not the same. I’m an idiot. Also, there are lots of other reasons I wished I was a boy, mainly that 86 hour labour I had, also the time this guy offered me bus tokens in exchange for staying the night (which I respectfully declined), that made me wish I was a boy, because I would have punched him a lot harder than I was able as a female. I guess I could just bulk up maybe, I don’t know. What am I writing right now? I should continue to abandon this blog, because it’s wasting everyone’s time. Sorry.

ANYWAY, EVERYONE should be a stay at home mom (men inclusive, people w/o kids inclusive), I feel like I’m 12 years old and get to do whatever I want whenever I want. I’m also poor, so pros and cons I suppose.  No, like I’m legit without funds, I haven’t logged into my bank thingie forever, and I just did this morning and I have $12.59 in my bank!! So that sucks and I have no clue what I’m going to do because I haven’t had that little money in my bank since I was actually 12 years old. But what doesn’t suck is that I’m about to go play in the snow all day with my bff, then have hot chocolate with marshmallows while we cozy up on the couch in the afternoon watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation until we fall asleep for an after snow nap! BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off topic, Max is about to be transitioned into a big boy bed. fuuuuuuck.  I’ll have so many posts about that, I have no doubt. Like how when we were buying his bed, our car got totalled. Or how I’m terrified that now he’s just going to be loose in the night, while I sleep. What’s he going to do?? I have no idea, and I don’t’ trust him in the least. Stay tuned!

You Won’t Ever Sleep Again, Baby (A Handy Dandy List)

You’ll never sleep again after you have a kid. I’m sure everyone has told you that. But I’m just confirming the fact that they are all correct. The thing is, before you have kids you’ll be all “my kid will sleep just fine, so I’ll sleep just fine” or “It’s only a few months of no sleep, then it gets better“. You would be wrong on both accounts.  In fact, if you don’t  have kids, you won’t even understand this post. Because when people say you’ll never sleep again… they actually mean it. Never. Again.

And it comes in phases, and the no sleep phase starts well before the baby is even out. The last good sleep I had was May 2012. It’s not like you don’t sleep anymore. It’s just a different kind of sleep. I’ve outlined in it real nice for you, because you’re too tired to read anything non list formatted. I get it. don’t worry.

Phases of “You Will Never Ever Sleep Again”:

1. You’re pregnant
It’s 2am and your pregnancy insomnia just kicked in. It’s 3am you’re back asleep. It’s 4:30am you wake up feeling like someone just took a knife and jabbed it into your hip, twisted it a bit, then kicked you in the spleen. It’s 5am, you wake up because you just had a dream of the labour and the baby came out missing an eye and wtf is he ok?? Up for the day.

2. Baby arrives
8 week shit-show commences, quiet literally. Babies don’t have their circadian rhythm set yet. What does that mean (because I know you aren’t googling it)? It means they know fuck all about day vs. night. No word of a lie for at least 8 weeks, most likely more but the “remembering” portion of my brain just can’t… I “slept” sitting up in bed with my head against a wall, in 45 minute increments for 8 weeks.

3. Circadian Rhythm Synced
So now your baby is 3 months old and he’s sleeping at night. I use the term sleeping really loosely though, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Don’t forget to wake him up every 3 hours to feed him. Also don’t forget that feeding him takes at least what? 30 minutes?  And remember putting them back down takes time too. By the time the process is over, you lie back in bed, try to fall asleep, getting really really mad at yourself because you can’t fall back asleep that fast, your anger keeps you up longer, and just as you doze, it’s time to feed them again. SUCKA!

God help me. If at any time your baby is actually sleeping, you are not. Because you are trying to make sure they are breathing. Because SIDS is a legit thing that even though we have computers, 3D printers, and fancy things now, they haven’t eradicated it yet (I know that’s the wrong word, and I don’t care). So you wake up and see if they’re breathing, then you go back to sleep, then you wake up 30 minutes later and repeat the process all night long. Literally, all night long until the sun comes out and you start crying because you realize that was your sleep for the night. And I don’t know when this ends, because last week Max slept in until 9:30am (he’s always up at 7am) and I had to go make sure he was breathing. Which is ridiculous. I’m an idiot.

5. Sleeping through the night
At about 8 months maybe? Babies are “supposed” to sleep through he night. (You know, I used to know all these stupid milestones and now I’ve forgotten them, and that makes me a better person). So your baby is finally sleeping through he night! Congratualtions. Don’t forget SIDS. Don’t you fucking sleep!!! WHAT IF THEY AREN’T BREATHING?? And every other “what if” will run through your head every time you doze until either the sun comes up or they start crying then you start crying… I mean why is he sleeping this long? He must be hungry, maybe I should go feed him, I don’t know. Maybe I should bring him into bed with me so we can bond? What if he goes to college and doesn’t even like me because we didn’t co-sleep? How will I pay for college?What if he is never independent because we did co-sleep? What are we going to do all long boring day tomorrow?? I wonder if I’m a good mom? What if i’m not?? I wish I could make cool mom friends and not bitchy bitch mom friends. Should I go back to work or stay at home? Oh it’s 7am, the day starts now. Refreshing 20 minute sleep tonight.

5.5 I am very fucking weary of the fact that your baby actually sleeps through the night at 8 months or whatever. I feel like all the moms got the email blast from Babycentre saying “your baby is now sleeping through the night!” milestone thing, and then just started telling everyone that theirs was. And at the time, you want to kill yourself because why is everyone else getting to sleep and you aren’t?! It’s only at 18 months now that I realize those moms/dads are lying bitches. I don’t know if they lie to make themselves feel less tired, or because they want to pretend they’re better than you. Probably both. Moms can be super bitches, in case you haven’t gotten that yet from reading this blog.

6. Spidey Senses
Ok let’s pretend that at 12 months they legit actually start sleeping through the night. YOU FINALLY DONT HAVE TO WAKE UP EVERY FEW HOURS.  Except.. .wait for it… YOU WILL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN. Who cares if your baby is sleeping through the night!? It’s been so long now, why would you remember how to do that?? Your senses will never ever ever allow you to ever get back in that deep sleep mode again. Case in point, Max coughed one little tiny quiet cough at 2am, I wasn’t worried, he’s not sick, nothing’s wrong, but mom-senses woke me up to let me know he coughed, and now even though I went to sleep at 12:30am #HugeMistake, I’m awake writing this at 2:30am because of his cough.  Literally, every single little sound no matter what, will wake you up. NO MATTER WHAT!! I don’t know when this will stop!? My guess is never. My guess is my senses are super heightened for the rest of my life, and I’ve already had my last good sleep. 

10 Really F**king Legit Good Reasons You Should Have Kids

I know so many people who don’t want to have kids. And I was thinking if they just knew how good it is, maybe they’d change their mind. But then I realized how bullshit that was, because I didn’t want kids either for the longest time, and whenever anyone tried to tell me all the good parts I was like “just no, whatever” while I slept in till 11am after a night of wine drinking, foodie restaurant hopping and vacation planning. Then I woke up on my 30th birthday and everything went to shit and I wanted a baby all of the sudden, OUT OF NOWHERE. Fuck you hormones. Fuck you so bad.

I don’t even really care what other people want or do, it effects me zero percent, do whatever you want. If you want to go travel the world instead of having kids, go travel! It’s not like you can travel with kids. Where you gonna go? Australia? Australia is all prisoners, don’t take children there. You wanna go eat at the best restaurants and post photos of your Waygu $600.00 blue endangered lobster topped steak to Instagram? Go do that, restaurants hate kids, especially the asshole kids. And most kids are assholes, so you’d probably end up with an asshole and never get to eat anywhere good again. I’ve been to Boston Pizza 3 times this month, it’s disgusting.

Having said that… in case you’re on the fence (and also because Buzzfeed), I’ve compiled a list of 10 really fucking legit good reasons you should have kids, with all of the “omg but it’s so rewarding and you love them so much” removed.

10 Really Fucking Legit Good Reasons To Have Kids (In case you’re on the fence):

1.  You can get out of ANYTHING!!!
“Sorry, my son has to nap, I can’t make it to your Pinterest Napkin Folding party”. “Hey, this dinner of liver and potatoes is great, and I love listening to your creepy uncle talk about his fishing boat, but my son has to nap in 10 minutes so we have to go” (Then you go get burgers).  “Hmm ya I can’t make it that day to help you rebuild your deck in the rain, my son has music class, sorry.”. #CouldBeTrueCouldBeFalseDOESN’TMATTER

2. You get all the best parking spaces
Self explanatory, but you do. And the best part is when you park in one of those close spots and you get the stink eye from a overtired bitchy bitch mom who thinks you have no kids in the car.

3. You get a year off work to just hang and do whatever
Because ProTip: in the first year of their lives, they don’t do shit. So you can legit just go anywhere and do anything.

4. You’ll get less annoyed by people posting baby photos on Facebook
I mean, moderately less annoyed. I still know some over-posters (guilty) and they need to just   stop. I don’t care that your kid can fit a cheerio in his nose, it’s not cute to anyone but you. But overall, you get over seeing only baby pics on Facebook. And you can also judge other people’s kids and make yourself feel better about your own comparatively.

5. You get free stuff
The amount of free Timbits I’ve gotten because “omg your baby is so cute!” in the past year is an exorbitant amount.

6. You don’t have to work late anymore
Leave that for the junior account people who wear high boots, big earrings, ombre their hair, and have nothing to go home to except a big bottle of wine and probably a concert at some point that night.

7. The government will send you $100.00 a month
You legit get $100.00! This means nothing to anyone reading this because you all have jobs. I used to have a job and made a lot of money so I was all “I’m just gonna donate that money” back in the day. But now I have no job, and it’s $100.00! Which is a lot of money to someone who has zero money! I think i’m supposed to give it to Max. like put it in an RESP or something, but mama needs her nails done.

8. Momradery
Everyone you run into is basically your friend immediately. Because you all share the same “a person has ripped their way out of my body, then peed in my mouth and pooped on my hand” bond. We all talk to each other all the time, passing on the street, in the mall, at the park, I don’t even know you but we’re talking, because we both just “know“. And it’s so great. I.e. I was at Yorkdale wearing a Superman t-shirt because I’m an idiotloser, and Max was being a silly, and a stranger mom comes over to me and says “Superman eh?  More like Supermom, you’re doing great!”.  THAT’S AMAZING. Trust me. It’s amazing. So I’ve coined Momradery as a real thing, we’re all looking out for each other and it’s wonderful.

9. You can get fat, and it’s fine
I’m disgusting, and while I hate being fat, I can continue to blame it on the baby weight that won’t go away. Or like you want that extra cupcake? That’s gross, you’ve had two already. but “my son kept me up all night, i haven’t eaten in two days because I’ve been so busy taking care of him, I’m so tired” now it’s totally acceptable to eat that cupcake. And before you judge me, I know you’ve done this before, I know you’ve eaten two cupcakes at one sitting, and you have no kids, therefore you don’t even have an excuse. So maybe I am disgusting, but at least I have an excuse.

10. Ok I had to throw this in… you really do love them on a whole other level
Like for all the work it is, and for all the things you’ve wanted to do in your life without kids, you won’t even care anymore. I still want to travel the world, but I want to travel the world with Max and show him all the amazing things that I wanted to see, but we both get to see it for the first time together. Except Australia, a population of criminals.

Ranty rant rant rant rant ranty rant

I honest to god didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to find a babysitter. Like, fuck. We’ve been out together 3 times in 18 months, and one of those times was super duper rush-ey so it barely counts haha.

Me and Brian don’t even know what to talk about anymore when we do have time together, it’s been so sparse us just being alone together, it’s super shitty. Most of my friends (see: all of my friends) have sitters/nannies/family/friends that’ll watch their baby’s whenever. I even know people who get overnights once a week, or weeklong vacays, or like dinner dates once a month, etc… meanwhile, I haven’t gotten my haircut in 3 months because I can’t find anyone to watch him even for 2 hours. It’s fucking annoying. I wish I had a bigger family, that’s such a huge pro to having siblings!! All the aunts and uncles theoretically love babysitting!! Right?!? Sigh.

I’m not saying we wanna go out every night or week or whatever, I wouldn’t want to be away from him that much anyway, he’s my buddy! But, if I could just hang with Brian a couple times a month alone, imagine how awesome that would be. Maybe even just once a month?? OMG I can’t even imagine!! I can’t believe that my barebones request of 2 hours a month so me and Brian can go have dinner alone so that we don’t end up going crazy and killing eachother is almost impossible to get. Like fuck, we even missed our anniversary because we couldn’t find anyone! Then we even resorted to randomly finding some stranger on Facebook to watch Max, then less than one minute later came to our senses and were like NOT HAPPENING, wtf, that’s the WORST IDEA EVER. EVER!!!! DON’T DO THAT. I’m sure they were lovely people, but just don’t.

I’ve always said having a baby was so much easier than I thought it would be, but this lack of babysitting is infinitely harder than I thought it would be. I’ve expunged most of my resources to find someone, inclusive of strangers on Facebook, and I’ve honest to god come up with nothing. 18 Months into this, and feeling super duper helpless slash super fucking jealous of everyone that has ever gone on a date night after having a baby. ANYHOO TLDR; if you know any really good reliable awesome fun responsible sitters… send ‘em my way. #NotHoldingMyBreath

The. Worst. Story. Ever.

God, I remember when I was pushing and he’s not coming out (most likely because he’s so comfy in there just chilling, now that I know his personality, that’s so something he would do), my midwife is like “I think the issue is there isn’t enough room for him to come out”.  I FUCKING TOLD EVERYONE THIS ALREADY.   I used to say “I really don’t know how babies fit out!! I feel like they don’t.” I was right. I’m always right about everything, like really… I’m right 99% of my life.  So the doctor has to take over for the midwife now and I just want to go home and figure it out myself… and the midwife says all casual like no big deal “Baby is stuck, there isn’t enough room to come out”. And it was at this point in my life, that I learned a person’s whole entire arm can fit inside someone’s body.

“Oh no, there’s lots of room” says the doctor, while her 12 students watch on in delight, eager eyes wide open and glowing like it’s Christmas morning.  Midwife checks again, “no no he’s stuck, there really isn’t”. Doctor checks again, so now there have been three arms in my body, two of them from the same person though, so not so bad I suppose. Sigh. So now the doctor is all “ok cool let’s just make room then if that’s what you think” then she cackled like an evil doctor and grew bat wings and flew around the room spitting fire at me because she’s the devil.  “Made room?”  What do you mean she made room?  Well she made room. She made room with her arm, thanks to a bunch of medieval torture devices, her elbow and who knows what else.  I’m sure Brian knows what else because he was down there watching it all while I was staring at the ceiling crying and screaming.

After I was screaming at the top of my lungs to the doctor to stop, just leave it alone (she told me to stop screaming and I told her to fuck off. Which in retrospect is horrible, but it was reactionary.)  I just laid there thinking “I can’t believe someone just did that to me”. And I’m fairly sure I should have been thinking about pushing, or my health, or the baby’s health, getting the baby out because he still wasn’t out yet. But no, my brain couldn’t even process what just happened. I felt feel so violated, and I remember telling my brain “you can’t feel violated right now, you’re having a baby… back to the task at hand!”  God, I wish it was just a hand, not an arm and elbow (or three). and honestly, if you’re already there… why not just grab him? You obviously had him, just tug him out!  Like this is the worst!! I think about this all the time. Don’t put your arm in someone’s body!! I don’t’ care if you’re a doctor or whatever the profession or lifestyle you choose. You just don’t do it.

Oh man, I hope Max reads this when he’s older, so our family dinners become super duper awkward